Copper Fungicides

Spiess-Urania Chemicals GmbH, developed from the companies C. F. Spiess & Sohn and Urania Chemicals GmbH, has been producing copper-containing plant protection products for approx. 100 years. In this context, Copper Oxychloride has been for many years the major copper salt and has been used as reliable fungicidal and bactericidal active ingredient.

The invention of a system for the production of stabilised Copper Hydroxide helped developing even more effective pesticides on the basis of this copper salt. Copper Hydroxide-containing products have been distributed at international level by Spiess Urania Chemicals GmbH since 1989.

Over decades, we have constantly improved our product formulations with the aim of developing pesticides with excellent physical-chemical properties which furthermore reach an optimal effect with low copper application rates. This makes Spiess-Urania's products valuable for conventional as well as organic agriculture.