Crop Protection - Copper Chemicals

Spiess-Urania Chemicals GmbH is an internationally known producer and supplier of copper salts. As a specialist for the areas of plant protection and speciality fertilisers, we manufacture products based on Copper Hydroxide and Copper Oxychloride.

Due to its wide range of application as a fungicide and a bactericide, copper has been used in the form of copper salts in products worldwide against more than 300 pathogens in more than 120 cultivations so far.

As a member of the European Union Copper Task Force (EUCuTF), Spiess-Urania Chemicals GmbH takes a direct part to the approval of copper as active ingredient in plant protection products at EU level. The two copper salts produced by us (Copper Hydroxide and Copper Oxychloride) have been included in Appendix I of Directive 91/414/EEC in 2009.

At international level, Spiess-Urania Chemicals GmbH commits for the sustainability of the application of copper-containing products in agriculture. We invest in research and development as well as the approval of products that take copper-minimization strategies into account.

Under the well-known trade names Funguran®, Cobox®, Patrol® and Cuprozin®, we manufacture various formulations in our own production plant in Hamburg for application in agriculture. Copper-containing products are distributed by Spiess Urania Chemicals in more 60 countries worldwide – with sales focus in Africa, Asia and Europe.