Cuprous Oxide, Red

Cuprous Oxide (Dicopper oxide) is a red mineral powder. Incorporation into current binder systems used for antifouling paints is easily possible.


In accordance with the directive 2016/1089/EU of the commission the inclusion of dicopper oxide in Annex I of the Directive 528/2012 was agreed upon starting on 01 January 2018.


Dicopper oxide can be used in biocidal products in product type 21 (Antifouling).
The leaching rate of copper ions from coatings containing cuprous oxide into the hull/water boundary layer complies with high demanding coating specifications, delivering adequate copper concentrations for years of service life.


Chemical properties of copper are most advantageous: once dissolved within water, copper looses its biocidal activity within a short period of time, entering again into the natural geological cycles of matter.